Treating Stretch Marks With Silicone Sheets

Medically reviewed by Justice Choi, M.D. — Written by Elizabeth Willson

Red marks, purple lines, and unsightly indents — what do they have in common? If you’re looking at the skin, you’re probably looking at the stretch marks. It doesn’t matter if the person is a man or woman, young or old, super fit or a bit of a couch potato, stretch marks seem to find their way onto every body type.

Of course, stretch marks appear for different reasons. Men and women often have stretch marks in different places, and they usually incur these life markers at different ages. Nonetheless, these blemishes can be distressing for anyone.

Fortunately, medical science gives us an option: in today’s world, everyone can be treating stretch marks with silicone sheets from the comfort of their own home with these Enhanced Silicone Patches.


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Stretch marks are caused when the skin is forced to grow faster than the body’s collagen-producing capabilities are able to keep up. Collagen is a protein that’s naturally produced by the body. It’s responsible for elasticity, keeping the skin nice and taut so it maintains its youthful appearance.

Skin can be stretched rapidly for a number of reasons, including the following:

  • Pregnancy. When women are with child, their bodies undergo incredible changes in a short amount of time. As a result, their bellies, breasts, and thighs can often show the signs of the increased weight they’ve taken on during gestation, as well as the months after they’ve given birth. As the body adjusts to accommodate an extra person in a short amount of time, the skin has additional responsibilities. Often, this rapid growth in belly and breast size results in stretch marks.

If someone is considering treating stretch marks with silicone sheets on their breasts, thighs, or post-pregnancy belly, Dermaclara’s Silicone Fusion Treatment will gently guide their delicate skin back to its exuberant pre-pregnancy glow.

  • Puberty. Males and females experience puberty much differently, but the end result is often the same: stretch marks, embarrassment, and unsightly reminders of this awkward age that follow people into adulthood.

If someone is still seeing the reminders of that painful era when they look in the mirror? Have they considered treating stretch marks with silicone sheets? They may not realize these sheets can be applied anywhere, but it’s true! From the breast to the buttocks, silicone sheets have a gentle adhesive that can be worn overnight or during the day, all the while helping to iron out wrinkles and remove embedded imperfections.

  • Weight Gain. Everyone is different, and as life progresses, stress, changes in diet, illnesses, and other factors can cause extra body fat to accumulate. When a person gains weight, the body must produce additional skin cells to cover the extra area. As people age, weight gain becomes more common; the body’s metabolic system slows down, leading to stored fat and increased energy reserves that present themselves as extra pounds.

A few extra inches in the waistline may not affect someone much, but the additional coverage their skin has to take on could make a major impact when they look in the mirror. If their collagen levels can’t keep up with their weight gain — for whatever reason — they may experience stretch marks as a result.

treat stretch marks with silicone sheets


The concept is simple, but the results are astounding. For people who are treating stretch marks with silicone sheets, the underlying tissue has been damaged by rapid stretching of the epidermal tissue that’s unable to produce enough elastic protein to allow the skin to adjust accordingly.  Silicone sheets offer a bit of reprieve, helping the body produce collagen, moisture, and nutrients to damaged or stretch-inflicted skin.

  • Microclimate. People who are treating stretch marks with silicone sheets should expect rejuvenated skin to appear beneath the sheath of the medical grade silicone covering. Silicone patches create a microclimate whereby the skin is able to restore itself as it embraces just the right amount of moisture to help it heal. The microclimate allows the skin to produce just the right amount of moisture — coupled with a collagen-enhancing element — to bring the skin up to speed in terms of healing.
  • Stretching Boundaries. Most skin creams and stretch mark solutions offer topical results. Dermaclara Beauty’s clarafuse isn’t a superficial fix. Our silicone patches gently stretch the skin in a way that helps the damaged layers rebound from their traumatic situations. Our patches can be applied before bed or worn at the office; in any circumstance, they’re stretching your stretch marks’ boundaries without discomfort, additional clothing, or doctors’ appointments.
  • Healing Effect. Dermaclara’s clarafuse silicone patches may be one of the easiest ways anyone can come back to a place where they love their body again. Whether they’ve seen stretch marks as a result of weight gain, observed a few horizontal lines on their belly as they wait for their child’s birthday to appear on the calendar, or  you’re in the midst of making friends with middle-age weight gain, our silicone patches can help you make the most of your most memorable years. After all, a happy body leads to a happy mind, and a happy mind leads to a happy heart. Treating stretch marks with silicone sheets is just the beginning to your new life that’s free of scar tissue and unsightly reminders of yesterday’s events. Let today propel you into tomorrow; in doing so, you’ll leave yesterday’s scars behind, making room for an even greater future in front of you!

Treating stretch marks with silicone patches doesn’t require an office visit, co-pay, or invasive surgery. In fact, the ordering process can be done online, from the privacy of their own living room. Simply visit, find the stretch mark solution that works best for everyone, and apply the pads when they arrive at the front door!


Is The Only Pregnancy Safe & Dermatologist Approved System To Prevent & Remove Stretch Marks

Get 10% Off Today Using Code: MOM10

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